Crucial Conversations in Engineering

Have you ever avoided a conversation because it was difficult?
Or you were bothered by something and decided to ignore it? But it’s not going away and ignoring it isn’t helping.
Do you feel loud but no one is listening or cares?

In any of those places, it’s not a great place to linger.

These situations happen in life. Which includes our work life, too.
When it happens at work, it can also affect the end goal that our team is trying to achieve. It could be a hindrance or lessen its value. And, that’s a shame, too.

These are things that happen. We can’t just successfully avoid them.

We need a way to approach these situations. Enter – Crucial Conversations.

Shere Tuckey successfully uses Crucial Conversations in her engineering career. She discovered its frameworks in a time of need. Then, she became an official trainer and is teaching others how to have Crucial Conversations.

Let’s talk with Shere and explore some of the things we can do about these tricky situations with other people. Shere will also share her recommendations of where to learn more. Plus, we’ll hear her tip on what to do RIGHT NOW to improve any situation.

It’s all in this episode of the Quality during Design Podcast. Press play!