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Do you work in Product Design and Engineering?

Engineer great product designs with your team's input and the user in mind. Use Quality during Design engineering and new product development. Learn more, here.

helping product development leaders and engineers improve their design process

With intentional use of quality methods at strategic times during design development, you could realize:

less frustration in trying to finish projects

greater engagement with other departments

a focus on what matters for safety, performance, and use

Is it possible to improve product design processes by integrating quality methods into them? Can it really lead to less struggle and frustration with completing design projects?

Yes! If quality thinking is weaved throughout the design process, it can help turn frustration in trying to check off a risk management box and getting buy-in from others into:

  • improved handoffs to other departments
  • improved product quality
  • clarity in making decisions during the design process
  • and more
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But there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy because your design process is unique to your company. 


For product development leaders who struggle with wrapping-up design projects, I partner with you to add quality methods throughout the design cycle, including FMEA that are required in regulated industries. Unlike 2-day training seminars about how to do a quality analysis, I work with clients to add quality tools as part of their routine design activities. 

As a result of working with Deeney Enterprises, LLC, clients receive a custom strategy, help with implementation, and ongoing support.

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Dianna Deeney

Hi, I'm Dianna.

"Everyone benefits when quality thinking is integrated early in the creation process! This includes a strategy of using the right tool at the right time. I believe (and have seen) that doing this leads to products, services, and processes that are safer, more reliable, and more intuitive to use; a development process that avoids surprises; and cost savings through doing the right thing early. "

Not sure where to start?

Are you struggling with frustrating design cycles? Would you like to achieve clarity and confidence when making decisions about design?

I'd love to offer you a free consultation with me to help you create a custom roadmap to a design process that fits your business, helps you create products others love, and use less resources to do it.