My consulting services include an outside perspective and change solution strategies to help product development leaders improve their design processes.

Move from where you are today to a design process that is integrated with proven quality methods that are performed as a routine part of the design cycle and beyond.

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You want to design products that are safe, reliable, easy to use, and available to the market.

You've tried quality tools and reliability tools. Or, you're forced to do it as part of being able to sell your product. The process ended up feeling like a drain on the team and a check-box activity. Or, you ended up outsourcing just that activity to someone else, while keeping the rest of the design in-house. It wasn't value-added and didn't drive decisions or team actions.

You're ready to relieve your team from this feeling of a burden and instead incorporate these methods more fully into your design process.

My services will help you define how to use the information to make decisions and create your best designs. Unlike other consultants who offer 2-day training seminars on how to do a quality tool, I'll partner with you to integrate these methods into your existing design process and help you get greater engagement with other departments for increased value and a smoother transition.

Quality and reliability analyses will become a normal part of your design routine. You'll no longer view FMEA and other tools as looming check-box headaches and instead use them proactively to add clarity when making decisions during the design process.

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Quality during Design Assessment

Do you suspect that your product design process is not integrated well with quality and reliability? Are you catching up with quality or reliability activities or departments after you have a prototype in-hand?

Understand where you are now and get a roadmap to where you want to be. Through my Quality during Design Assessment service, I'll perform a thorough qualitative assessment and root cause analysis.

  • get a detailed and comprehensive report so you can improve the quality of decisions, prioritize them to save time and money, and maximize existing investments.
  • facilitate your senior team to come to an alignment of how to most effectively move forward.

Quality Results+

Do you perform risk analyses and other quality analyses now? Do you want to use them as results to drive more decisions?

My Quality Results+ service helps you integrate the results of quality analyses into your existing design process. I'll guide you through project and change management for improved project quality, real-world solutions that fit your business, and to avoid false-starts and rework.

  • get clarity in making decisions during the design process, including the concept phase
  • engage other departments and integrate design inputs/outputs...reduce the "silo" effect and improve hand-offs
  • achieve greater employee engagement; quality activities become normal activities, not seen as special or check-box

Ongoing Quality Success

Are you feeling stuck with what to do with all of these analyses? You've generated them and your design is done, but now what?

My Ongoing Quality Success service helps you continue to use those analyses to help with ongoing support of marketed products. I'll partner with you to customize a solution for your business.

  • make decisions about field performance based on risk
  • better support customers
  • improve maintenance of products in-service

Not sure what you need?

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