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STEM Voices Panel Discussion

By Dianna Deeney | 17 Oct 2022

Dianna Deeney participated in a panel discussion on Linked-In Live, as a guest of the Speaking Your Brand podcast, on September 12, 2022. The topic was Women in STEM and the importance of using their voice. A theme of the conversation was women using their voices to empower themselves and to empower others in their…

Collaborating and Systemic Changes

By Dianna Deeney | 09 Oct 2022

Dianna and Fred talk in podcasts about quality, reliability, and engineering topics. New topics include collaborating and systemic changes.

New Podcasts about Engineering Topics

By Dianna | 26 Aug 2022

Dianna and Fred talk in podcasts about engineering, quality, and reliability in 5 new episodes.

Want to know how I think about Quality during Design?

Read my take:

applying quality thinking during the design process to get the best designs

is like

 pruning a fruit tree as it grows to get the best fruit